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Urbieta Oil

Urbieta Oil is South Florida’s premier wholesale and retail distributor of petroleum and alternative fuel products. We are an authorized marketer of the Marathon, Valero, Sunoco, and ValvTect brands. Additionally, we are the exclusive supplier and marketer of U-Gas – our own branded gasoline.

Urbieta Oil distributes premium products to over 5,800 square miles which includes Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties, Florida.


Urbieta Oil offers fuel and petroleum products of the finest QUALITY as a result of its top of the line filtering system and first-rate additives. The filtering system offers an additional and necessary safeguard from impurities; And the additives ensure that your fuel products work as efficiently as possible for you. Click on the Products tab to learn more about our first class products.

Urbieta Oil offers the BEST customer SERVICE in the petroleum and fuel distribution industry. From our expert sales professionals to our courteous truck drivers, we promise to drive the extra mile for you. For more information, click on the Services tab.

Finally, TECHNOLOGY. Urbieta Oil offers its customers the most cutting-edge technology including a bar coding system, electric meters, and tracking. We are constantly upgrading our systems so that ordering, tracking, and receipt of products are as simple as possible for you.

Urbieta Oil is certain that you will be satisfied with our quality products, service, technology, and most importantly, our guaranteed competitive pricing. Thank you for your interest in Urbieta Oil!

  Leaders in e-85 Florida


Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by fermenting and distilling starch crops (corn, barley, wheat, etc) after they have been converted into simple sugars. 100% ethanol is not generally used as a motor fuel, instead, ethanol is used as an additive to give benefits to unleaded gasoline. These benefits include lower costs, higher octane ratings, and lower emissions.

E-85 is an alternative fuel for use in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). This blend typically burns more efficiently.

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