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Urbieta Oil

Urbieta Oil is a professional petroleum sales and branding group that offers to its clients a complete operations package. Urbieta Oil is your partner in imaging, management and marketing, dedicated to increase your profitability. That's the Urbieta Oil difference!

Why Will We Exceed Your Expectations?

We've grown our business strategically, tactically, expertly. Our formula, organization and commitment to your success are all in place. So reap the benefits and build your future! And now that you've heard from us, we invite you to hear about us, from a few of those we are honored to call partners.

Our Facilities

urbieta front view

Leaders in e-85 Florida

Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by fermenting and distilling starch crops (corn, barley, wheat, etc) after they have been converted into simple sugars. 100% ethanol is not generally used as a motor fuel, instead, ethanol is used as an additive to give benefits to unleaded gasoline. These benefits include lower costs, higher octane ratings, and lower emissions.

E-85 is an alternative fuel for use in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). This blend typically burns more efficiently.